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Adaptil Calm Collar


A chemical copy of the dog appeasing pheromone (D.A.P.) released by a mother dog from her mammary area after the birth of her puppies.

It is involved in the attachment process between the mother and her offspring.

This pheromone is a comforting message providing a strong signal of security to puppies as they explore the world and face so many challenges.

It has been proven to provide reassurance to puppies and dogs of all ages, helping them feel safe and secure when encountering new experiences, unknown environments and other stressful situations.

As a consequence, it helps prevent or control stress or fear related behavioural signs.

Junior - An effective solution to comfort newly adopted puppies and facilitate their education. Comforts puppies through the challenges of adoption and beyond. Helps prevent crying all night, support for staying at home alone, loud noises or puppy car travel. Promotes better socialisation and improves learning at puppy training classes.

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