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Clipperman Clipper and Trimmer Set


This great offer includes a selection of clippers and trimmers to get that perfect finish on your horse clip.

Clipperman Baroness Mains Clipper - A 150W mains powered clipper with dual speed settings, allowing you to lower the speed to reduce noise and vibration when clipping around problem areas. Comes supplied with A2 blades offering a 3mm cut length. Other compatible blades, available to purchase separately, include A22 (fine 1mm cut length blades), A6 (coarse blades) and A7 (cattle or very coarse blades). Lightweight and easy to use, ideal for the one to two horse owner. Generous 5m cable length allows for plenty of manoeuvrability when clipping.

Clipperman Jester Trimmer - A 2.4V battery powered trimmer (comparable to 8W mains power) with a cutting speed of 3,000RPM. An exceptionally quiet trimmer with very low vibration. Two rechargeable Ni-MH batteries allow up to 3.5 hours of total running time, at 1.75 hours per battery, with only 3-5 hours charge time (dependent on use). F5 snap-on blade connection with detachable 2-in-1 ceramic cutter and titanium coated comb, which lasts longer than traditional metal, offering four cut lengths - 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.4mm and 2mm, by twisting the barrel. Plastic graders also supplied, offering 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm cut lengths. Lightweight, at only 0.2kg, and easy to hold with a 37mm handle width. Perfect for trimming animal hairs on legs, faces and for a general tidy up of fine to normal horse coats. Also suitable for dog coats that require a #10 or #15 blade. Different dog breeds and coat types require different blades. Please ensure you have the right blade for appropriate grooming. Note, other blades are not available or compatible with this trimmer.

Clipperman Clipper Oil x 250 Ml - A specially formulated lubricant for use on clippers and trimmers to ensure maximum performance and prolong the life of your blades.


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