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Animology Muck Out Shampoo & Conditioner - Craftwear Equestrian Online Saddlery

Animology Muck Out Shampoo & Conditioner



The only shampoo you will ever need regardless of the size, colour, breed, type or purpose of your horse.

The complex formulation blends silk and wheat proteins with vitamins and conditioners, to help deliver exceptional levels of care and protection to the skin and hair, including the mane and tail, maximising condition and lustre.

The deep cleaning action works by penetrating deep down to the skin lifting dust and dirt to the surface so that it can be easily washed away.

Easy rinse technology ensures that the shampoo is rinsed out quickly and efficiently, leaving as little residue as possible on the horse.

This in turn helps reduce the risk of irritation, speeds drying time and despite using conditioners, does not leave a slippery effect on the hair that could encourage saddle slip.

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